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The Reason that SEO & SEM Services is so important for Business Companies 25 Aug 2021

For years it was enough for a business to be "on the web" or "online." Now, everyone is. Now, it's about does your business show up and gets in front of people, actually, the right people, at the right time, when they are searching for the product, service, brand or field.

Gaining traffic and an audience is an obvious part of a digital marketing strategy. Reaching the right audience, a target audience, with targeted strategies is more important. Your company's time and budget are maximized. Each client's specific requirements dictate unique and meticulous marketing strategies, best practices and latest innovations for not only traffic, but relevant traffic, the best value and potential customers, to gain the results you expect.

What are SEO, SEM, and PPC?

What do acronyms such as SEO, SEM and PPC mean? How are they different, yet related?

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is about optimizing a website and content to rank higher on search engines - most notably Google - and increase traffic.

Keywords, the right content and link building are elements of a competitive and precise SEO plan within a digital marketing campaign. Mobile and application SEO is different than desktop SEO. With more people, especially in ultra-urban centers such as Singapore, using mobile increasingly and desktops/laptops decreasingly, modern app development tools and the right SEO usage is vital to your business.

SEM, Search Engine Marketing, is about taking your organic traffic and turning it into business, as effectively as possible. This is about conversions.

Advertisers bid to place their ads in a search engines - again, think mostly Google - sponsored ads links boxes. When a user is searching for your product or service, or something closely related - that's when your SEO content and SEM bid should have the best chance at turning traffic into business because the searcher's already thinking of doing business.

PPC, Pay Per Click, is an overall model of a publisher (Google, Facebook) being paid per click on an advertiser's ads SEM is one of the most-used methods of PPC.

How to Select Professional SEO Companies?

Creative, informative content is no good if no one sees it. Perfectly planned SEO and SEM content then needs to successfully drive customers to your business. The right technology makes it easy for the company and the public to use for efficient and consistent results.

Existus is a growing SEO company in Singapore eager to offer professional and unique services that have never been visualized before.

SEO Services in Singapore need to match the energy and competition of the city. Existus brings marketing strategy, technical expertise and passion to meeting goals and achieving results. A digital marketing company should give its client confidence, the best tech, every feature and the best service - not more work or problems.

Knowing and implementing the best practices in Google Ads Management Service, SEO marketing and PPC marketing in Singapore is part of optimizing results and your marketing bang for the buck.

Existus also specializes in complete solutions for mobile apps and SEO, e-commerce, cloud integration, branding, social media, logo designing and web developing. Without the latest tech, the most creative ideas to go with the newest concepts and platforms and the support for it to work perfectly for your company's team, you've done a great deal of digital marketing work but you're already behind.

Communication and Support

Communication, truly knowing your business and your team, is critical for the SEO Company and the client company working well together. A company must listen and know a client's requirements, expectations, trends, what's worked before and what hasn't worked

Understanding your business and having the same enthusiasm to succeed is as important as the strategies. Knowing the tech only goes so far without knowing the needs and issues - along with what is working and achieving measurable results. Proven marketing principles and new innovation goes together with knowing the data and real value in a campaign.

An SEO company needs to work with a client for the best support, service, tools, performance and ideas every step of the way. A business can't afford to have inefficiency, for itself during or following the digital marketing campaign or, worse yet, for the business's customers.

Existus takes pride and care in giving our clientele best-in-class services and products with its no compromise initiative, the same attention to maximizing your investment on everything which goes into digital marketing, and meeting expectations and results.

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